Large entertainment unit

Large entertainment unit. Custom made. White

Large entertainment unit. White polyurethane entertainment unit.

The Owners and MaiF kitchens designed this large entertainment unit to fit into the 1930 style of house. The unit is a large white polyurethane shaker style door entertainment unit.
We used polyurethane for its hard wearing durability and colour stability.

Large entertainment unit

Big white entertainment unit on a timber floor. white satin polyurethane. Shaker doors. bookshelves either side. with drawers

The entertainment unit and the room combined or melded together to form a wonderful feeling to the room. We hope it stands the test of time and lasts at least another 70 years, like some of the other joinery in the house.

The house had already been Carefully decorated. We matched the style of door to the existing joinery, and put on a large capping mold to suit the existing cornice. The bench top is white polyurethane like the rest of the unit, and with sensible care it will last a very long time.
When the custom made large entertainment unit was installed it looked fabulous. The owners reported that all their friends thought it was a great addition to the house.

Obviously (nudge, nudge, wink wink) The man of the house was eying off a larger screen. The white polyurethane finish made a nice contrast to the old Baltic pine polished floor.

We also lifted the air conditioning grills  out of the floor. We colour matched and sprayed them to match the joinery.
We then incorporated ducts into the unit.

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